The Kicked out of the Bar Episode

April 27, 2017

Brought to you by RDG Rooftop Garden Design: Brian, WhatSupTho's Resident Bar Kicker-Outee, and Kyle, WhatSupTho's Resident Good Guy, crack open a couple of beers and address the issue of getting kicked out of bars. Topics include: how can you get kicked out of a bar, how to make sure the bartender doesn't hate you after he/she kick you out, and STORIES ON STORIES ON STORIES. Also, the guys go over FaheyFest 7! Segments Include: Websters Corner, Thank You's and Advice Corner.


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Adulting is Hard

April 13, 2017

Brought to you by RDG Rooftop Garden Design and FaheyFest 2017: Brian, WhatSupTho's Resident Tax Expert, and Kyle, WhatSupTho's Resident Health Insurance Expert, crack open a couple of beers and discuss Taxes and Insurance. Real Adult Shit. Topics include: how each of the guys feel about taxes; wheather taxes or insurance are harder to understand; and if the IRS is really going to come after you after this tax season. Segments include: Big Little Bri's, Brian Be Good (NEW SEGMENT), and Advice Corner (brought to you by FaheyFest 2017).






Take Me Out With The Crowd WITH A SPECIAL GUEST

April 6, 2017

Brought to you by RDG Rooftop Garden Design: Brian, WhatSupTho's Resident Super Bowl Attendee, and Kyle, WhatSupTho's Resident Hard-ass, crack open a beer/ pour some whiskey, and talk about sporting events. Joined by Special Guest Jake the Cop, the guys talk about big events they have attended, is it really worth the price of admission and how much beer plays a factor in a game. We also get an update on #CyberBullyKyle . Not a ton of segments this week, but you do get Advice Corner. Also, Kyle may or may not cuberbully Jake. 


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Eat your heart out, Mark Zuckerberg

March 30, 2017

Brought to you by RDG Rooftop Garden Design, the guys crack open a couple of beers and discuss the "hip" topic of Social Media. BONUS IN THIS EPISODE! If you #CyberBullyKyle, you will get a shout out next week.Also, Brian's Mom makes an appearance. Topics include: how social media has progressed, Cyber Bullying, and which Social Media sites are the best. Segments include: Websters Corner (Brought to you by google), #Hashtagging, TimeHop Corner (brought to you by TimeHop), and Advice Corner. 




The Hangover: Part 4

March 23, 2017

Brought to you by RDG Rooftop Garden Design: Brian, WhatSupTho's Resident Spring Breaker, and Kyle, WhatSupTho's Resident Jealous Podcaster, crack open a couple of beers and break down hangovers. Topics include: types of hangovers, how age affects hangovers, and cures! Segments: Brian Talks TV, Brian Tells Jokes, Advice Corner and more. 




Spring Breakin’ It

March 16, 2017

Brian, WhatSupTho's Spring Break Correspondent, and Kyle, WhatSupTho's Resident Adult, crack open a couple of beers (IN THE SAME ROOM) and talk about Spring Break Memories. Topics include: what made Spring Break great in college, how to make your Spring Break amazing, and difference between Spring Break as a kid then as an adult. Segments include: Websters Corner, Brian's Joke, and Adult Advice. 

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Let the Madness Begin

March 9, 2017

Brought to you by RDG Rooftop Garden Design- Brian, WhatSupTho's Resident Gambler, and Kyle, WhatSupTho's Resident Bookie, crack open a couple of beers and discuss March Madness. The guys go over there thoughts about the Tournament, how they pick teams to win, and how to enjoy the annual office pool. Segments include: Brian's Big Little Lies, Kyle Choking (NEW), and Advice Corner. ALSO FOLLOW ALONG AT HOME WITH OUR DRINKING GAME

Every time Illinois vs Arizona is mentioned- Drink
Every time the March Madness Bar crawl is mentioned- Drink
Every time a mascot is mentioned- Drink
First time Brian talks about gambling- Drink
The term Bracket Buster is used- Drink 2
If we say UNC sucks- Drink 2
The terms Cinderella team/ Buzzer Beaters are used- Drink 2
If Brian claims he won't gamble that much on the tournament  Drink 5
If the guys pick the same team to win the tournament- Drink 5
AND if Brian brings up the fact he went to Europe and can tie it into the discuss of march madness- FINISH YOUR DRINK

Unofficially Our Best One

March 2, 2017

Brought to you by RDG Rooftop Garden Design, Brian, WhatSupTho's Resident Apartment Party Guy, and Kyle, "WhatSupTho's Resident Bar Drinking Guy, crack open a couple of beers and discuss College Drinking Holidays. This is all in honor of the University of Illinois' Unofficial St. Patrick's Day that is taking place tomorrow. The guys break down what is like to be on campus for a big drinking holiday, whether people should go to bars or apartments to celebrate, and talk about their favorite memories from these holidays. Segments include: Shout-outs, Brian's Big Little Lies, and Advice Corner. 


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And the Award goes to…

February 23, 2017

Kyle, WhatSupTho's Resident Golden Globe Expert, and Brian, WhatSupTho's Resident Oscar Expert, crack open some (possible expired) beer and discuss award shows. Sponsored by RDG Rooftop Garden Design, the guys mention their talk with Chili's, which award shows they like, how to make watching them fun and even debate about what is "Oscar-Bait." Segment's include: Brian's Big Little Lies, Shoutouts, and OUR FIRST EVER OSCAR PICKS!

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Fashion Week

February 16, 2017

Brian, WhatSupTho's Resident Large T-shirt wearer, and Kyle, WhatSupTho's Resident Medium T-shirt Wearer, crack open some beer (and whiskey!) to discuss the latest in fashion. Unofficially sponsored by Chili's, topics covered this week include: why shopping does and doesn't suck, least favorite part about shopping, and how to be fashionable in public. Bonus this week, the guys talk about their shirt sizes, and things get weird. Segments this week: Remeberance, Chili's Special Guest Corner, Brian's Bets and Advice.  


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